Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Windows Update Failing for Silverlight Security Update

Recently Microsoft issued a security update for Silverlight -- KB2890788.  On my computer the update was failing every time the automatic update feature of Windows 7 tried to install it.  Every time the computer was  shutdown at the end of the day it would try to install this security update for Microsoft Silverlight component.  The update would fail with Error Code 670 with the following details:
Security Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB2890788)
Installation date: ‎2013-‎10-‎29 10:08 AM
Installation status: Failed
Error details: Code 670
Update type: Important
This security update to Silverlight includes fixes outlined in KB 2890788.  This update is backward compatible with web applications built using previous versions of Silverlight.
More information:
Help and Support:

I tried various ways to try to resolve this issue including uninstall Silverlight -- system was not able to uninstall because of invalid update sequence.  

Finally I found this link from the Microsoft Support Website that resolved the problem for me.  How to Clean a Corrupted Silverlight installation and reinstall Silverlight:  Follow the link and scroll down to the resolution section:

1)  Click on the "Fix it" button as shown below.
This will check your Silverlight installation for issues and un-install and reinstall.

2)  Once you have completed the above, check to see if Windows Update is still
prompting for the Update.
Press the Start button on your Windows Desktop and type "Windows Update" in the search box at the bottom as shown and click on Window Update link under Programs:

3) Click on the link "Check for Updates" as shown:

4) What you should get is "Windows is up to date" and not a prompt to install the security update for Silverlight as shown below.  

If you have any questions please leave a comment.


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